Breast Screening Public Announcement

Important information on the breast screening programme in England

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Breast Screening Announcement

Screening Programme Announcement



This afternoon, the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, made a statement to Parliament about a mistake in the issuing of invitations to attend the Breast Screening Programme in England. Since 2009, due to an IT problem at Public Health England, an estimated 450,000 women aged between 68-71 have not been invited to their final screening appointment.

As this took place over the course of a decade, women who are affected would now be aged 68-79.




What you need to know



Many women will be concerned to hear this news. 

  • From this week, Public Health England (PHE) will be sending letters to all those women who are affected.


  • Women aged under 72 will be invited to a catch-up screening appointment.


  • Those aged 72 and over will be given access to a helpline where they will be advised as to whether a screening appointment is necessary. 


  • By sending all the letters to UK residents registered with a GP by the end of May, the NHS hopes to reassure anyone who does not receive a letter this month that they are not likely to have been affected.


  • NHS England have taken major steps to expand the capacity of screening services, and have today confirmed that all women affected who wish to be screened will receive an appointment within the next six months.



If you’re concerned that you or a relative may have been affected by this issue, you can also contact a national helpline which has been set up - 0800 169 2692. 

For more information please visit the Breast Cancer Now website. 




Delyth Morgan

Chief Executive
Breast Cancer Now






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